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        Suzhou Kanglaituo Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.s main product configuration gold content is high, durable, fine workmanship, beautiful and generous. Series of products: high and low temperature test chamber, temperature and humidity test chamber, into the temperature and humidity chamber, rapid temperature change (hot and humid) Shiyan Xiang, high temperature test chamber, temperature impact test chamber, salt spray test chamber, sand dust chamber, Rain test chamber; also produces a variety of commonly used test slot, aging boxes, ovens and other test equipment.

        The company to the most advanced international standards and the most demanding customer requirements as a chance to train their own and enhance their own leverage, while willing to undertake large-scale non-standard complex environmental testing equipment. We design and manufacture of products has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, military, automotive, ship, electronics, communications, optoelectronics, IT, machinery, building materials, petroleum, bio-engineering and other fields, and by the majority of users unanimously affirmed and praised.

        Companies abide by the "integrity-based" business philosophy to "users will always be right, we do is always enough" as a code of practice, the "user is always satisfied" as our quality scale. In the majority of users "to buy the Heart, with the rest assured" principle, with a large number of well-known domestic and foreign research institutes and business users, customers all over the country.


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        Suzhou Kanglaituo Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Address: No. 177 Pu Pu Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province


        Business Line:15962643842


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